Holy Cross offers many organizations to stimulate social interaction between parishioners of our parish. The following organizations are considered Social groups.


Bingo has long been a tradition in Parishes all across the country.  Bingo contributes to the Parish revenue and serves a vital social function as well.  Bingo offers an opportunity for members and non-members of the Parish to come together in an informal atmosphere to share good times and laughter and perhaps go home a winner!

Bingo is held every Monday in the Parish Center, with games starting at 5:55 p.m. If you are interested in volunteering to assist make Bingo possible, contact the Church Office or by phone at (727)546-3315.


Holy Cross Women’s Club

The Mission of the Women’s Club encompasses several important areas:

1) To promote the spiritual welfare of the women of Holy Cross Parish.

2) To cooperate with the National, Diocesan and Deanery Councils of Catholic Women in carrying out all the works entrusted to them by the Bishop of St. Petersburg.

3) To cooperate with the Pastor to promote the welfare of the Parish and to contribute to the financial obligation of the Parish.

4) To encourage by word and action the practice of charity among members and the entire Parish.

The Holy Cross Church Women’s Club has always been a vital and flourishing Ministry.  The Women’s Club is dedicated in its service to the Parish family.

The 8:00 a.m. Mass on the first Sunday of each month is dedicated to the living and deceased members of the Women’s Club and their intentions.  Meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of the month (except May and December).  In May and December special dinners are held on the second Tuesday of the month instead of a meeting.  All women of the Parish are encouraged to join. Contact the Church Office or by phone at (727)546-3315 to find out how to join.


Marriage Encounter

Marriage Encounter is a weekend experience for married couples.  Through dialogue couples renew their love for each other.  Marriage Encounter is a private experience rather than a group encounter.

Retrouvaille (Retro-Vi) is the name of a program designed to heal and renew troubled marriages.  The word “Retrouvaille” simple means “Rediscovery.)  This program offers an opportunity to rediscover yourself, your spouse and a loving relationship in your marriage.

To learn more about these enrichment programs, please phone the contact person listed in this directory (for Marriage Encounter information) or the Rectory Office (for Retrouvaille information).


Respect Life

The Mission of Respect Life is to promote the idea that all human life is sacred and must be valued as such from the moment of conception until death in all circumstances.

This committee meets on a monthly basis to stay informed and to come up with creative ways of helping to promote respect for life at all ages.  The committee also participates in the Deanery Respect Life meetings held monthly.

A vital part of our Respect Life effort is our Parish Phone Tree.  Through the Respect Life Phone Tree, those members of the Parish interested in protecting life (hopefully this includes all the members of the Parish) are informed of pending laws at the State and Federal levels.  Parish Phone Tree members are asked to contact their State or Federal levels.  Parish Phone Tree members are asked to contact their State or Federal representatives to let them know how they want them to vote.  Taking an active part in the lawmaking of our country is essential in helping protect and promote a respect for life.

If you would like to be part of this Committee, or a part of Respect Life Phone Tree, please contact the Church Office or by phone at (727)565-9046.


Sisters in Christ

An organization within Holy Cross which is for women to come together to love and serve the Lord. He is the leader of the Sisters in Christ and the center of its heart. They strive to enrich themselves through awareness of Catholic teachings, family development, and education. Their responsibility to to strengthen their own faith, the faith of their families, and ultimately the faith of Holy Cross parishioners. They believe that through spiritual enlightenment they can grow together in fellowship and unity to serve the Lord.

Their Purpose: Spiritual Enrichment & Growth, Awareness of Catholic Teachings, Service to the Parish, Family development, and Bonding within the parish family.