Altar Servers

Altar servers assist the priests and deacons in the liturgical actions when the community of Holy Cross assembles to give praise and thanksgiving to God.  Altar servers are called to help the people of God to a deeper form of prayer and worship.

Youth servers: are invited to this join us after they have completed their first communion. Youth servers assist at the Sunday, Holy Day and Holy Week liturgies.

Adult servers: are invited to this calling at anytime. Adults are required to be fully initiated into the Catholic Church and, if married, the marriage must be valid under the tenets of the Church. Adult servers serve at weekday Masses and funerals.

Training for both youth and adult servers is done at 11:00am on the third Saturday of each month except where noted.  General meetings are called as needed. Servers can request certain Masses to fit their schedule. For more details contact Ana Carrera at

Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic Ministers are called to personal involvement in the celebration of the Mass by assisting the priests as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. To be involved in this ministry, a person should be ever mindful of Christ’s life, and should use His life as a guide to one’s own life, developed through prayer and good works. Diocesan guidelines for Extraordinary Ministers are carefully followed.

A training session is provided which emphasizes the importance of this Ministry and the responsibility involved before a person serves as a Eucharistic Minister. There is a workshop once or twice a year for education and upgrading.

Anyone who had completed the Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Confirmation and First Holy Communion), attempting to lead a life according to the Ten Commandments and who attends Church regularly is eligible to be a Eucharistic Minister. Please contact the church office for more details.

Lectors (Readers)

Our Mission is to give praise and glory to the name of God through the reading of the scriptural text during the Mass.  Any member of the community who has received the Sacraments of Initiation, who tries to lead a life faithful to the commandments and has the gift of good reading and speaking abilities is encouraged to become a Reader.

The proclamation of the Word of God is entrusted to the entire community. Each member, in response to baptism, is summoned to be a Servant of the Word. Lectors must see themselves as bearing a responsibility for the growth in faith of the congregation who are hearing the Word. In public reading of the text, one places oneself in the service of God. Another part of this Ministry is keeping the Parish family informed of upcoming events by conveying that information through the reading of the announcements.

Schedules are published periodically and Masses are assigned according to your availability. Readers usually lector once or twice a month. An initial training session is provided, as well as a workshop once or twice a year. Research and study materials are available upon request Please contact Yvonne Kirby for more details at (727)546-5855 or via email

Music Ministry

This Ministry facilitates the members of our Parish family into the musical aspect of worship that we may truly sense we are all part of the Body of Christ.  Further participation is offered through Adult and Youth Choirs.  The only requirement to join any of the choirs is a desire to praise God in song.  Accomplished instrumentalists are encouraged to come forth and share their talent.  This Ministry enhances many of the celebrations throughout the year.  (Easter, Christmas, etc.)

Someone once said music is the universal language of love.  Our goal is to support the Mission of Holy Cross Church by lifting the hearts of our Parish family in songs of Praise and Glory to God.  The aim of liturgical music is to strengthen our love for God and others.  Please phone for rehearsal times.  New members who wish to use their musical talents are always welcome and needed. Contact Bunny Harmon via email for more details.

Ministry of Hospitality (Ushers)

The purpose of this ministry is to help out with Parish functions and to serve the Church.  The ministers of hospitality are the welcoming face and heart of the Parish. They greet Parishioners and visitors at the doors to the Church, assist in seating families, select individuals to present the gifts at the altar and take up the offertory collections.

The requirements for membership are quite simple: you must be a practicing member of Holy Cross Parish with a willingness to make a commitment to be in Church every Sunday and on Holy Days.  Ushers have a great responsibility to provide hospitality to parishioners and visitors.

Meetings are held November through May on the second Wednesday of the month.  If you have an interest in this ministry, please contact Merlita Jones at (727)399-2043 or via email.