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15th Sunday in Ordinary Time - July 14, 2019

“Go and do likewise.”

Dear friends,

In our daily life, when we read today’s gospel passage, we are somehow tempted to look at ourselves through the lenses of the Good Samaritan. We ask ourselves what and how we can help those in difficult situation, spiritually, materially, emotionally as well as physically. This is because that is what defines us as Christians and disciples. The question we very seldom ask ourselves is the following: “what is the reason for me to show mercy?”

Today’s gospel reading is clear in this matter. When Jesus commands us to go and do likewise; which means to be instrument of mercy, He reminds us that our relationships with one another are founded upon our relationship with Him and the grace of mercy we receive therein. We are prompted to show mercy because we have been showed fullness of mercy ourselves. When we look at the amount of mercy which God pour upon us in our daily life, we have no other choice but to show mercy to one another. In our daily life, as Saint Paul puts it, we experience death in our body, “we are persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.”(2 Corinthians 4:9) This is because our experience of the love and mercy of Jesus Christ when we are lying on the roadside, struck by the burden of our sins’ this experience brings us to life and makes us restless until we become beacon of mercy for one another.

This experience of mercy that we undergo in our daily life when Jesus gives himself to us as gage of mercy and compassion makes us ready to understand that we are meant to give the same Jesus to one another in our different relationships. He is the One we give to one another whenever we put a smile on the face of a brother or sister overwhelmed by the burden of the uncertainty of life; He is the One we give to one another whenever we look at and embrace a stranger with endless love and compassion; He is the One we give to one another whenever we bring comfort to those who are sick; He is the One we make shine whenever we greet one another with genuine consideration and warmth; He is indeed the One we offer to one another whenever we turn with love to one another and exchange peace we receive from him in the Eucharistic celebration.

Let us make today’s command from Jesus Christ the impulse for our life as disciples as we strive to courageously live the gospel. And let us continue to pray for one another and for our parish family.

Father Emery


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