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33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time - November 17, 2019

Dear friends,

Today is Name Tag Sunday here at Holy Cross. We remember the Lord’s words to each one of : “I know each you by your name, and you are mine. Therefore, as sheep of one sheepfold, we belong to the Lord and we are meant to know each other in a personal level. When we do so, we strive to come out of anonymity to a personal relationship with God and one another. While it helps us to know each other, name tag Sunday is also a reminder that all are invited to be a part of the great work of salvation. Name tag Sunday is an invitation to commit to courageously live the Gospel as disciples and coworkers in the Lord’s vineyard. True discipleship never goes anonymous! For we are children of light.

In today’s second reading, we are reminded of the responsibility of discipleship for the building of the Christian family. This reminder is a challenge to all and each one of us. It is a call to more commitment to the service of the Lord within the parish family and a strong awakening. As members of the body of Christ, we all have a portion of responsibility for the surviving of the body.  But is not it really challenging and hard to commit to working tirelessly, especially when we are unable to measure the level of our success? In front of the impression of defeat and unproductive work, we may be tempted to ask the difference we could be able to make. And this normal; it is a human thing.

However, today’s gospel reading brings us comfort and consolation. It tells us that the work of evangelization and discipleship is never about ourselves. For God is in charge, and he tells us that we did not choose him. Rather he is the one who chose us and who commissioned us. In front adversity and fear, we are called to perseverance, because he will never let his work to be fruitless. Perseverance is a recognition that God never tires to water each one of us in order to bear fruit. Perseverance is that trust that makes us always focus on the small spot of light that comes out of the darkness of despair, hopelessness and fear of failure. Perseverance is that determination to continue to call upon the Lord when all seems falling apart around us. Perseverance is that commitment to always look up the Lord when our prayers seem unheard and that the Lord seems silent when we scream our pain and misery. Indeed, perseverance is, like faith, to trust in the Lord and to be confident that there will always be light in spite of our ignorance of the outcome.

As we continue to take new steps in the building of our community by knowing each other by our names, let us also continue to pray for one another and for our parish family, that the seed of love and embrace God has sown in us might always grow to a tree that offers its shade to others as a place of the encounter with the Lord.

Fr. Emery


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