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Palm Sunday - April 5, 2020

Dear friends,

Today is Palms Sunday, the beginning of the Holy Week as we commemorate Jesus’ Triumphal entrance to Jerusalem to endure His Passion.  The challenges of today’s pandemic may take our attention from the mystery to which invites us: that by enduring suffering with Him as He offers Himself to the Father as Oblation for our sake, we may raise our heads and take up the journey with Him.

I am writing this posting not as ordinarily as I would’ve done it. It is with heartfelt love and support for all and every one of you that I am sitting behind my desk to write it. I know how difficult this time is for each one of you, as to miss the Eucharist and to receive our Dear Lord. Likewise, you may imagine how much difficult it is for me to be “in exile from you.”  However, I would like to assure you of my prayers for and encouragements to every one of you.

As we accompany our Lord up to Jerusalem, let us look at the present situation as a call to embark on the same journey of trials and suffering with the Lord. Let us look with hope and trust towards Easter celebrations, knowing that no matter the length of the night, the light of the day will come up. And that Light is Jesus Christ whose death and resurrection liberate us from every fear and despair. As we lift up our palms to sing “Hosanna Filii Davi,” we proclaim the truth of our salvation by and through Jesus Christ who takes upon Himself all that pulls us down.

Let us continue to offer to the Lord the pain of the world and ask for His strength and courage to live the gospel. May the God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ surround you with the grace of the Holy Spirit and comfort you in the hope of the celebration of Easter Joy.

Fr. Emery


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