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Palm Sunday - March 28, 2021

From the Pastor’s desk...

Dear friends,

Today we practically are at the end of our Lenten journey. Actually, the true time of witness has begun. We are embarking with the Jesus on the final steps to Golgotha and glory. Palm Sunday reminds us two things: the kingship of Jesus and the human versatility.

With regards to the kingship of Jesus, Palm Sunday teaches us that there always is glory behind suffering endured with faith and trust in the Lord. Jesus reminds us that His Passion leads to glory. But for us, Palm Sunday is a time of deep questioning: Why did Jesus who never sinned accept such indescribable suffering for those very same people who crucified Him? The answer is it is precisely by doing so out of love for us that He fulfilled the promise of God. He bore our iniquities to save us. But would not he unable to save us otherwise? Sure, God could have embraced other means to save us. Yet, He chose to humble himself, first by becoming one like us, then by embracing our transgressions, making himself the expiation victim for our sins. He broke himself into pieces to save us and to give life that He has is fulness. By dying for our sake, He teaches us that when we accept to die to ourselves, we will rise with Him to eternal life.

As for the human versatility that is manifest in today’s celebration, we are invited to find out where true happiness is. Can you imagine these same people who were just cheering up for Jesus are suddenly the very same who turn against him, falsely accusing and condemning to death? One would understand if it were only the Pharisees or Scribes accusing Him and condemning Him; for they never accepted Him and saw in Him just the one who divert their authority and profit from people. But it the very same ones for whom He fought who turn against Him. These represent you and I today. Are we able to show constancy and faithfulness to Him amidst the struggles of our daily life? How often do not we turn against Him even when we ceaselessly experience His love and care? Today is the day and the time to question ourselves about what we are willing to let go to embrace Jesus.

Adherence to Jesus Christ that keeps us away from versatility should be expressed through trust and the attitude of surrender we see in the first part of today’s celebration. Letting God be in charge and understanding that all that we have and are is a gift from God and therefore that all belongs to Him. The donkey’s owner did not think twice when he was told that the Lord needed his donkey. He did not question who that Master was. He just let it go, and this was his participation to the glory of the Son of God. Today is the time for you and I to figure out what we are willing to give up to give glory to the Son of Man. He gave up his own life for you and me. What do we give today to express our gratitude to Him? What about our time? Our treasure? Our talents? He did not spare his life for love of you, so that you may live. Now He turns to look back and around to find out whether you are there with Him. Will you respond to His call to give up your life for His sake?

Let us continue to pray for one another and for our parish family.

Fr. Emery


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