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The Feast of the Nativity of the Lord - December 25, 2019

Dear friends,

On behalf of Fr. Martínez, Fr. David, Fr. Victor, Fr. Anthony, Deacon Rick, the Holy Cross Staff and myself, I would like to wish you all a happy and very merry Christmas. In thanking God for the gift of Jesus Christ, I also especially thank him for the gift of each and every one of you here at Holy Cross. You are a tremendous blessing to this parish family. May the blessings of the Divine Child of Bethlehem fill your hearts and your homes!

To all our parishioners: You and your families have been included in our intentions at the Christmas Masses. We are very grateful for you and your continued generosity towards our parish family. May all of your family celebrations be filled with the joy of Christmas! Our hope is that we can all enjoy these days and thank God for the wonderful gift of his Son.

To our guests and visitors: Welcome to our spiritual home for this wonderful celebration of our salvation. We are blessed that you are able to join our spiritual family today. Merry Christmas! Whether you are visiting family or friends, or have just come to us from a nearby hotel or camp, know that you are God's Christmas gift to us.

To the Catholics returning: Welcome home! Merry Christmas! We are glad you are home. We pray that this holiday season will be of great joy and affection to share with family and friends.

To those who think to become Catholics: Merry Christmas! Welcome to our Spiritual Home. We are pleased to share our Catholic faith with you and want you to feel at home.

To anyone who is suffering the pain of loss: I pray that the birth of Jesus Christ will lift your spirits and give you the assurance that all will be well. God will guide you through this current darkness. He wants you to look at the loving face of the baby in the manger and experience the consolation he brings to all the broken-hearted. May the Prince of Peace bring you comfort and peace.

Father Emery Longanga


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