Holy Cross Catholic Church

Social Groups


Bingo has long been a tradition in parishes all across the country. Bingo contributes to the parish revenue and serves a vital social function as well. Bingo offers an opportunity for members and non-members of the parish to come together in an informal atmosphere to share good times and laughter, and to perhaps go home a winner!

Bingo is held every Monday in the parish center, with games starting at 5:55 p.m. If you are interested in volunteering to assist make Bingo possible, contact the parish office at 727-546-3315. 


President - Joyce Oulette

The Columbiettes is an order within the Knights of Columbus community specifically for women. Like the Knights, the Columbiettes are focused on spiritual growth and supporting their community. 

Knights of Columbus

Grand Knight - Robert Jones

The Knights of Columbus, a fraternal order of Roman Catholic men, was founded in 1882 by Venerable Michael John McGivney. The Knights of Columbus promote the Catholic faith by advertising in newspapers and magazines, sponsoring social activities, athletic events, contributing to numerous charitable and educational projects, and working to promote Catholic interests. 

Women’s Club

President - Esma Novak

The Women’s Club is dedicated in its service to the parish family. The 8:00 am mass on the first Sunday of each month is dedicated to the living and deceased members of the Women’s Club and their intentions. Meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of the month (except May and December). In May and December special dinners are held on the second Tuesday of the month instead of a meeting. All women of the parish are encouraged to join.