Holy Cross Catholic Church


Altar Linen Care Ministry

With deep love and reverence for the Holy Eucharist, the Altar Linen Care Ministry cares for the sacred linens on a rotating schedule. Training is provided on how to care for these special linens that contain the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.  This ministry is made up of team members who, behind the scenes in their own homes, reverently launder and care for the purificators and corporals used on the altar at Mass. They also care for priest’s and altar servers’ vestments.

Contact: Gloria Lamoureux [email protected] 


Altar Servers

Boys and girls, from third grade through high school, are encouraged to volunteer for the very important ministry of assisting the priest and deacon at the altar.

Holy Cross Altar Servers Ministry is open to all (youth, young adults and seniors) who are willing to bring help at the celebration of the Eucharist and other sacraments by assisting the priest at the altar. Training is provided, and volunteers are signed up in the fall and spring.

Contact: Isabella Carrera [email protected]


Altar Society (Sacristan)

Sacristans are responsible for setting up the Church for all liturgies.  They are to ensure that the sacred vessels are placed on the credence table, and for coordinating and cleaning those vessels used in the transformation of bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ for liturgies on weekdays, weekends, and for special occasions. The requirements are to be a member of the parish in good standing, to have the desire to serve your fellow parishioners in the Ministry, and to have been previously commissioned as an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist. The sacristan also coordinates with the Parish Manager to make sure the sacristy is adequately supplied. Training will be provided as needed.

Contact (English): Helen Jahnke [email protected]
Contact (Spanish): Norberto Vidro [email protected]



Art and Environment Ministry

The function of the Art and Environment Committee is the creation of a meaningful environment that will stimulate all the senses and help promote an understanding of the liturgy. The environment changes with each liturgical season and on special Feast and Holy days. Volunteers set up and take down the decorations with each change of season or special day. Do you have a flair for flowers, plants, and decorating? Consider offering those skills for the glory of God's house. Adults and teens are welcome to volunteer.

Contact: Michele Williams [email protected]



Baptism Preparation

Baptism Committee members coordinate our parish Baptism program. They are a part of our Faith Formation Program.

The goals of this ministry are to educate families about the sacrament of baptism; to welcome families to Holy Cross and familiarize them with the parish; to introduce families to resources/ideas for Christian parenting; to support parents through the baptismal process; and to assist at baptismal celebrations.

If you are interested in helping prepare parents for the baptism of their child, your help would be appreciated. The key quality needed for Baptism Preparation Ministry is welcoming, as we are often one of the first contacts families have with the parish. Through discussions at gatherings, we share our own faith and challenge parents to be good faith role models and teachers to their children.

  • They welcome new parents during an interview session.
  • They help lead a session on raising your child in the faith.
  • They are present on the Baptism day to welcome families and facilitate the orderly celebration of this beautiful sacrament.
Contact: Milagros Haylock [email protected]


Bereavement Ministry

This Ministry strives to offer help, emotional and spiritual help and support to those who have just experienced a death in the family. Being present to those who have lost a loved one is a wonderful way to proclaim the love of Christ to others.

Members of Bereavement Ministry are trained to help the family in the preparations for the funeral mass and services; they assure contact with the family on a regular basis for a couple of months following the death to make sure that their spiritual and emotional needs are being met, and contact families whose deceased loved ones’ funeral were celebrated at Holy Cross to invite them to our Annual Candlelight Memorial Mass that takes place in November.

Contact: Bunny Harmon [email protected]




Bingo has long been a tradition in parishes all across the country. While providing a social encounter and support for people who enjoy having fun and making new friends, Bingo contributes to the parish revenue and serves as a vital social function as well. Bingo offers an opportunity for members and non-members of our parish to come together in an informal atmosphere to share good times and laughter and perhaps go home a winner!

Bingo is held every Monday in the Parish Center. Doors open at 4 pm, with games starting at 5:55 pm.

Contact: Michael (Mike) Hayek [email protected]



Buildings and Ground Committee

The building and grounds committee is concerned with the state and condition of parish facilities and property, their maintenance and upkeep.  The committee prioritizes and presents needs as part of the budget process and identifies any situations which require immediate action to the Pastor. Members should have knowledge and expertise in the areas of architecture, construction, landscaping, cleaning, and maintenance skills.

Contact: Matt Pullis [email protected]



Evangelization Committee

In his Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Nuntiandi, Pope St. Paul VI says, “For the Church, evangelizing means bringing the Good News into all the strata of humanity, and through its influence transforming humanity from within and making it new” (n. 18).

Evangelization is an ongoing process. It is a person-centered ministry, and its core is the person of Jesus Christ. The message of evangelization always remains the same: dedication to conversion of self and others in the power of Him who was crucified, died, and rose again. This dedication leads to a renewed parish, which in turn becomes an evangelizing parish, reaching out and welcoming strangers.

Thus, the purpose of the Evangelization Committee is to initiate processes and programs for the pastor which will assist him with the spiritual growth of the parishioners, to reach out to fallen away Catholics and assist with their return to the Church, and to inspire and encourage those who may wish to join the Catholic Church.




Eucharistic Ministers & Homebound

Homebound: One of the most rewarding parish ministries is that of visiting the homebound. Each week, Eucharistic Ministers from Holy Cross bring Holy Communion to parishioners who are unable to attend Mass. Those parishioners greatly appreciate the opportunity and blessing to receive Holy Communion at home. In addition to visiting parishioners in their homes, Holy Cross provides a Communion service for Catholic residents at the different Assisted Living facilities within our parish boundaries. We are always in need of additional Eucharistic Ministers to bring communion to our parishioners who are homebound, living at one of the Assisted Living Facilities or in a hospital. In addition to regularly scheduled volunteers, we need substitutes to help periodically when a regularly scheduled Eucharistic Minister is unavailable on their scheduled day. 

Eucharistic Ministers: Just as Jesus fed those who hungered, so He feeds us with His body and blood. Just as He gave the bread and fish to the disciples, who then gave them to the people (Mark 6:41) so the Church entrusts the body and blood of Christ to ministers, who then give them to the faithful. EMs assist in the distribution of Holy Communion during the celebration of the Eucharist. Volunteers for this ministry must be actively participating in the sacramental life of the Church and approved by the pastor. Training is required and offered. Rotating teams assist on Saturdays and Sundays.

Contact (English): Kenneth & JoAnn Hossley [email protected]
Contact (Spanish): Norberto Vidro [email protected]


Finance Committee

The Finance Council at Holy Cross Catholic Community is a consultative body of lay persons established to advise the Pastor in matters pertaining to the financial affairs of the parish. The relationship between the Pastor and the council is one of support and collaboration.

The Parish Finance Council is composed of the Pastor, as an ex-officio member, the Parish Manager, and not less than three reputable and practicing members of the parish knowledgeable and skilled in financial matters. Membership is by appointment of the Pastor. Members serve for a three-year term and may be appointed to a second three-year term. The Chairperson is appointed for a term of one year and may be reappointed.

Principal responsibilities of the Council include:

  • Preparation of an annual budget
  • Ensuring the submission of the regular financial reports to the Diocese
  • Preparation and publication of an Annual Financial Statement and Report provided to the Parish Pastoral Council and members of the Parish community.
Contact: Rosemary Stogniew [email protected]


Hispanic Heritage

The Hispanic-Latino Heritage Ministry at Holy Cross celebrates the contributions of Hispanic-Latino people in our parish family. The ministry strives to live daily the richness of Hispanic countries and history, customs and devotions, the concept of unity in the family, and everything that is part of Hispanic daily lives.

Multiple activities are organized to celebrate and promote Hispanic-Latino heritage at Holy Cross:

  • Special worship services, where elements of the Hispanic-Latino culture are included.
  • A weekly lunch with typical dishes and music from the Hispanic-Latino countries represented in our congregation and community following the Sunday Mass.
  • Outside activities for the congregation to include typical dishes and music, arts and crafts (for exhibit or to be sold), flags and typical dress from the countries represented in our community.
  • A Christian parade with floats, banners, people with their typical dress, typical music — all demonstrating the Christian message with Hispanic-Latino flavor.
Contacts: Angelica Banuelos-Espino [email protected]
Belen Georgina Franco Moreno [email protected]



Hospitality Ministry

The primary goal of the Hospitality ministry is to greet all who enter the church and care for them during the liturgy. It is important that all who attend services feel welcome and comfortable. Hospitality ministers (Greeters, Welcome, Offertory Bearers, and Ushers, ) will assist anyone who may have special needs and take care of the logistical requirements as needed (e.g. taking up collections, guiding, handing out bulletins, etc.). In the event of an emergency, the Usher/ Greeters will ensure the safety and well-being of all in attendance. 

Coffee Crew gathers together after the morning mass in the Small Hall to share faith and life experiences around a cup of coffee. 

Greeters create an engaging, welcoming environment from the parking lot to the Sanctuary.

Welcome helps visitors feel welcome; contacts new registrants to the Parish, and assists with welcome baskets and welcome events.

Offertory Gift Bearers bring the gifts to the Altar at the end of the Offertory.

Ushers assist members to their seats and provide their physical needs and comfort.

Contact (English): Renee Hall [email protected]
Contact (Spanish): Rigo y Claudia Valles [email protected]



Keepers of the Cross

“Zeal for your house will consume me” (Psalm 69:9).

The Keepers of the Cross is a ministry whose mission is to give God’s house a humble work of cleanliness and to care for our church family, while maintaining the respect and decorum necessary in our home of prayer. We strive to keep our hearts focused on the eternal purity of what is the Love our Father with his children.

Holy Cross Catholic Church is the home for the whole family of God and is built to fulfill the mission of Christ and the Holy Spirit.  Please consider joining our community of disciples that maintains its cleanliness and overall appearance, an attribute that shapes our sacramental experience in our acts, faith and worship.

We dust and clean every Friday immediately after the 8:00 am mass.  No experience needed.  All are welcome to come any Friday morning.

Contact (English): Dinah Flexon [email protected] 
Contact (Spanish): Martha Mendoza Castillo [email protected]



Lectors proclaim the Sacred Scripture so that the community of faith may hear the Word of God. Lectors are people of faith who have good communication skills and develop the ability to announce the Word of God at the Liturgies to the whole community. 

Meetings: Training for this ministry occurs once a year.

Contact (English): Joan Terrel [email protected]
Contact (Spanish): Angelica Banuelos-Espino [email protected]


Liturgy Committee

Liturgy includes the set forms for the rites, ceremonies, prayers, and sacraments that comprise the communal, as opposed to private, worship in the Church. The goal of the liturgy team at Holy Cross parish is to develop the worship and sacramental life of the parish so that all are nourished in faith and invited to full participation in the liturgy and prayer life of the church. The liturgy committee works within the guidelines of the church for liturgy to establish a consistent, prayerful, and inviting liturgy for each Mass. This includes planning for each of the seasons of the church year.

Members of the committee represent different ministries: Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Lectors, RCIA, Music, Hospitality Ministers (Ushers), Liturgical Environment, Keepers of the Cross, Altar Servers and other members of the parish at large. The meetings occur on an average of four or five times a year. Planning is done for the various liturgical seasons. There are also discussions and suggestions for special liturgies or opportunities for enrichment, prayer and worship of the parish. The committee can advise the Pastor and assist him carrying out ideas and solving problems that are shared by the committee through feedback from parishioners.

Contact: Jo-Anne Kopitsky [email protected]


Loaves & Fishes

“Jesus said to them: ‘Give them some food yourselves.’ They replied, ‘Five loaves and two fish are all we have...’” (Luke 9:13).

Holy Cross Catholic Community is within the Southern Deanery of our Diocese where is located one of the biggest programs for Homeless. That is Pinellas Hope. As community, we strive to reach out to those in need and provide hot food for them at the facility. Twice a month, Fishes and Loaves Ministry offers food (sitting food and encounter) with Pinellas Hope residents in fulfillment of the Lord’s command to feed those who are like sheep without a shepherd.

Contact: Angelica Espino [email protected]



Matrimonio, Dialogo y Seguimiendo (MDS)

(Marriage, Dialogue and Follow Up)

MDS is a Hispanic marriage ministry centered on a weekend couple retreat experience and weekly meetings where couples share testimonials for their mutual edification. The ministry encourages healthy and balanced marriages and engages couples and their families to participate in the life and liturgy of our parish.

The parish group meets once a week – every Wednesday – and is coordinated by a team led by leader couples that rotate every two years. The meetings are centered around testimonial presentations by one couple each week, informed biblical and catholic sources, and include questions and answers sessions and praying.

Contact: Augusto y Norant Leon [email protected]


Pastoral Council

The purpose of the Parish Pastoral Council is to assist the pastor in his leadership role of planning, organizing, initiating, promoting, coordinating and reviewing the evangelization, worship, religious education/formation and service activities within the parish. It attempts to place at the heart of the parish a consciousness of a zeal for the mission of Jesus Christ.

Its objectives are:

  • To assess adequately the needs of the whole parish and its members, and to develop and implement a pastoral plan which will promote the common good of the parish.
  • To foster unity and a sense of community in the parish and to coordinate all parish activities in a manner that will best serve the interests of the parish.
  • To promote programs and activities in the parish as recommended by the Parish Pastoral Council, the Bishop, or diocesan offices.

Members meet three times a year.

Contact: Fr. Emery Longanga [email protected]


Society of St. Vincent de Paul

“I assure you, as often you did it for one of my least brothers, you did it for me” (Matthew 25:40).

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is an international Catholic organization of lay persons founded in 1833 by Frederic Ozanam and his companions.

The Mission of the Society is to help those less fortunate and suffering in a spirit of justice and charity by the personal and one-on-one involvement of its members with those in need.

The Society is open to all who wish to live the Faith by loving and serving their neighbors. No work of charity is foreign to the Society, as we strive to see the face of Christ, poor and suffering, in those in need. Vincentian help can include person-to-person assistance that promotes human dignity and integrity. The Society is concerned not only with relieving need, but also with redressing the situations that cause it. We serve people in need, regardless of creed, opinion, color, caste or origin.

Contact: Allen Flexon [email protected]


Sleeping Mats for the Homeless (Tabitha Ministry)

“If a brother or sister has nothing to wear..., and you say to them, ‘Good-bye and good luck! Keep warm..., but do not meet their bodily needs, what good is that?” (James 2:15-16).

The Sleeping Mats for the Homeless Ministry (Tabitha Ministry) at Holy Cross is a group of disciples who gather every Wednesday to make mats from plastic bags to provide warm and protective mats to help the homeless in our area as a witness to the faith. The ministry is nurtured and inspired by the life of Saint Tabitha (Dorcas) in the Acts of the Apostles (Acts 9:36-43).

Prayers are offered as the mats are made in hope that the recipient will experience God's mercy, peace, strength, and healing power. The mats are blessed prior to distribution. Mats are distributed as needed. We respond to requests from everywhere as we see in every person nothing else but the person of Jesus Christ begging for help and in need.

Join us in this beautiful ministry to bring comfort to the homeless while sharing in fellowship and fun! No sewing experience required! We meet on Wednesday in the Small Hall following the 12 pm mass

Contact: Pat Morrison [email protected]



Worship (Music) Ministry

The Christian faithful who gather together as one to await the Lord’s coming are instructed by the Apostle Paul to sing together psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs (Col 3: 16). Singing is the sign of the heart’s joy (Acts 2:46). Thus, St Augustine says rightly, “Singing is for one who loves”.  And again, “One who sings well prays twice.”

The Worship ministry (music) includes all members of the assembly, the choir, musicians and music director. Sung prayer is a large part of the liturgy, and the music ministry is charged with joining the assembly in sung prayer. It is also our responsibility to supply the musical skills necessary to encourage and augment the participation of the assembly, while ensuring adherence to liturgical guidelines.

Contact (English): Vincent Sclafani [email protected]
Contact (Spanish): Vincente Vazquez [email protected]


Women’s Club

The Mission of the Women’s Club encompasses several areas:

  • To promote the spiritual welfare of the women of Holy Cross Parish.
  • To cooperate with the Pastor to promote the welfare of the Parish and to contribute to the financial obligation of the Parish.
  • To encourage by word and action the practice of charity among members and the entire parish.

The Holy Cross Church Women’s Club has always been a vital and flourishing ministry. The ministry is dedicated in its service to the parish family as its members strive to fulfill the requirements of true discipleship. All women of the parish are encouraged to join.

Contact: Mary Anne Watkins [email protected]


Wedding and Quinceaňera

Wedding and Quinceañera is a ministry of accompaniment and preparation for the celebration of some of the most important stages of the Christian life. To prepare a young woman for Quinceañera is to initiate her into a responsible Christian life and intentional discipleship.

Contact: Angelica Banuelos-Espino [email protected]


Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry events and projects are regularly scheduled and implemented in order to foster total personal and spiritual growth of our young people. Youth Ministry strives to draw young people to responsible participation in the life, mission and work of this parish. Holy Cross Youth Ministry is open to all students in Middle School and High School.

Contact: Andrew Johnson [email protected]