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5th Sunday in Ordinary Time - February 7, 2021

Dear friends,

I hope that like me, many of you have already received the 2021 Annual Pastoral Appeal letter and envelopes from Bishop Parkes. I would like first of all to thank you with all my heart for your love and endless generosity towards our Parish and our Diocese. Courageously, you accept to face all the challenges to bless those less fortunate among us. Thank you for being Christ’s hands, feet, and eyes to allow Him reach out to those little ones.

This year’s APA theme is, “Hope in the Lord”. Undoubtedly, hope is what made us navigate throughout this past year with all the challenges we faced, especially the COVID-19 Pandemic that claimed and still claims so many lives and keeps us apart from one another. Our Community has been deeply and strongly impacted because we are a small family that cares for one another. Staying separated from one another, missing our in-person Bible study, our Coffee and Donuts, our Bingo, our Rummage Sale, and all other in-person gatherings has increased anxiety and stress in so many among us. Yet, with courage and faith, we have fixed our eyes on the Lord, and our Hope never faltered. Hoping in the Lord, we always find the courage and the strength to give other hope to live as we spread the Good News by words and generous deeds.

Now, this weekend should have been our commitment weekend. We pushed it to next weekend immediately before the beginning of Lent. This will help us reflect more deeply on the great blessed we want to be to those in need as we enter the desert journey with Christ. So, if you have not made or sent back your pledge yet, next weekend is the opportunity for you to do so, whether you want to make one time donation or spread it throughout the year. We have also made it easier for our parish with our monthly yellow envelope in your monthly envelope package. God blesses us so that we may bless others.

Thank you so much again for your enduring support to our Holy Cross Parish. You and your loved ones are deeply appreciated and prayed for. Let us ask for the intercession of Saint Joseph to strengthen our Hope in the Lord as we strive to give hope to others.

Fr. Emery


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