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7th Sunday in Ordinary Time - February 19, 2023

Dear friends,

Today’s gospel insists once more on the radicalism Christ has brought in the fulfilment of the Law and the prophets. We continue our transformational journey with Jesus as we listen to him say: “You have heard…, but I say to you…” Christian love stems from the love with which Christ has loved us; it is a call to continuously transform our life. How can one love and go out to love one’s own enemy, we may wonder. But that is exactly what true love is all about. For Christ says, if we love only those who love us, what difference would there be? This means for us and everyone else that true love begins when it starts challenging our own criteria; when it pulls us out of our comfort zone, and displays our frailty that needs strength from the Lord. For, without him we can do nothing. Love is letting it go when it hurts the most and challenges our attempt to be resentful or to hold grudges.

This coming Wednesday we start our Lenten Season as we receive Ashes for penance. This is the time we reflect and meditate in a special way on the meaning of the love of God for us through His Son Jesus Christ. This opportunity we are offered is a time of blessing and renewal in our Christian life as disciples. Let us prepare our hearts to embark on a journey of purification and renewal with our Lord as He leads us in the desert.

May the beyond telling Love of God for us help us to destroy the walls of our desires for retaliation and enable us to always give love even in the most difficult situations. For it is only when we die to ourselves that we can be reborn to new life.

And let us continue to pray for one another and for our parish family.

Fr. Emery


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